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Who does not know the character of bad-tempered birds which consists of maching Bird (Yellow), Aves Dratus (Red), Egg Beaters (White), Glass Jaw (Blue), Parabeak (Green) and Kamikaze (Black). They are all Angry Birds, game production from the Rovio Mobile phenomenal lately. Having previously attended a phenomenal Angry Birds for PC and followed up with Angry Birds for browsers that can be played in the popular Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Rovio Mobile is now re-presenting Angry Birds Rio, the latest version of the sequel of the previous Angry Birds about 3 months ago comes to IOS platform, Android and Mac OS X in gadgets such as iPhone, Android, Notebook, Galaxy can now be played on the Personal Computer (PC ) versions of Windows and Mac.

No less phenomenal with his predecessor, Angry Birds Rio downloading of any record in the 10 days of its debut, this game has been downloaded more than 10 million times. In this version of the 'birds grumpy' is told in action in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The story about the capture of the birds and sent to Rio (Brazil), where they met with local birds and work to get out of the warehouse and fled to the woods.

How to play it just the same as before by moving the Angry Birds catapults and destroy the enemy but on Angry Birds Rio we do not always destroy the object in order to conquer the enemy, there are times when we will release the bird in a cage which had been captured by a flock of birds other evil. In addition to presenting 60 level for Angry Birds Rio, Rovio also adds some character, achievements, and unlockable secret that no one in the previous series. Greater than the latest version of Angry Birds Rio is kulaitas better graphics than previous games.

Spesifikasi Minimal Angry Birds Rio for PC:
– Prosessor 1 Ghz
– Ram 256MB
– Vga Card = Direct X, OpenGL dan Ram 32MB
– Hard disk Space sekitar 50MB

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Angry Bird Rio RELOAD
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