Join or Extract Process Failure

Part file is a file that is broken down into several sections which previously was a part (single file). To turn into one piece again it is necessary to join the process or the extraction process.

How to distinguish the part file should dijoin or extracted? We can see from the type of file extension. If the file extension then the file must dijoin 001, but if the file is a zip file then needs to be extracted. But not absolute like that because sometimes there are avi or mkv file extension changed to zip for some reason.

Often the question arises, why do movies that you download the result is only half, cut or not to finish / not full. This is often caused by penjoinan or extraction process is not running perfectly.

The most important factors to consider before making penjoinan or extraction process are: the names of all files must be the same part. Also make sure also that the entire file size should also be the same except the last part files with smaller size of course.

Files with Extensions 001 ff.

For files with extension 001 and so on, then it can dijoin using HJSplit, FFSJ or 7zip. Join is a term used to merge the file 001 to its original shape. Remember, before doing penjoinan, then make sure the first name of his entire file has the same part. That is just the name behind the 001 and so should not be different. Default naming format is as follows:

etc ... ...

Extension at rear 001 shows the original extension of the file after dijoin later. From the above examples can be seen that the file is a MKV file. Mkv addition, the possibility also can be a file avi, rmvb, mp4 and partially.

Suppose the name part1, part2 and part4 same, but for different part3 name, example:


Then the file only dijoin from part1 to part2 alone. While penjoinan to the next part will automatically be stopped because there are differences in the name of the part3. When penjoinan process, which detected only the first file only (001), but jgn worried because the other files will also be processed). At the end of the process penjoinan usually we can also see how many parts are successfully dijoin. Of the four parts may be only two parts terjoin because of the mistakes above.

Zip file with the extension.

If the file is a zip, then the file can be extracted with winrar or 7zip application. The extract is a term used to restore the zip file into shape. In principle the same as the join process. The file name must be the same and the file size is the same except the last part. Zip file naming standard format can be written as follows:

etc ... ...

In contrast to the join process, the extraction process will stop and not produce anything if there is a different file name or file found corrupt, unless we give the check to the Keep Broken Files. Check the Keep Broken Files will cause the process continued even found corrupt files and partial. But the result was extracted files will not be perfect.

In essence, failure to join or extract process caused by such things as follows:

1. Downloaded file there are still corrupt.
2. Naming the file is still there is something wrong.

OK, good try.

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