How To Minimize Columns Comments

How To Minimize Columns Comments

Perhaps you've seen blog comments field disuatu small and narrow. Apparently after I studied only changes in size alone does not increase or decrease the weird code example comments that narrow columns like this:
Example Column Blogger Comments
It is very easy you just have to edit the HTML design and then check the Expand Widget Templates and look like the code below:
This is the code of this blog:

<iframe allowtransparency='true' expr:src='data:post.commentFormIframeSrc' frameborder='0' height='275' id='comment-editor' scrolling='auto' width='100%'/>
Maybe not the same in all blogs with the code above then you try to focus on the red code. If you have found you can change the 100% becomes smaller sample widthnya gamaar above 50% and you also can add numbers in frameborder = '0 'and heigtht = '275' you can change according to your taste.

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