How to Download Enterupload

* Click on the download link
     * Then click the button marked "REGULAR DOWNLOAD" as shown below:

  • Then enter the code in the box of spam that has been available if there is, and wait about 40 seconds. Then click the "Generate" as shown below:

  • If there is "Wrong IP Address or Skip Countdown", then repeat again clicking the "Generate" above or by merefreshnya by pressing F5 repeatedly until a button "DOWNLOAD" as below:

 * Click the button "DOWNLOAD" to continue the download process. 
 * Good Luck

* Note

     * If the download can not use the IDM, then;

       Click Options on the IDM>> select the File Types>> and enter in the box = MKV 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008
         The bottom line extensions to be included in the box will be recognized by the IDM so that it will be downloaded using the IDM.

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