How to Combine Files With HJ-Split

How to combine the results of fractional HJ Split files (.001, etc. ..), can be done as follows:

To consider before menjoin file is make sure that there are no corrupt files and also make sure that all files have the same name. If there is a different name then the join process will not succeed.

     * Run the program HJSplit.exe (no need to install), then will appear as below:

* Then Click Join:

     * Then click the Input File and browse for the file you want merged (just the file extension .001 and the rest will automatically be extracted, but make sure all the files .001 to .00 x is in the same folder).

     * Click Start to begin merging.

     * Please note time will join, the files will be detected only .001 while the .002 file and so will not be visible. But the .002 file and so on will automatically be joined dijoin

     * If you are using Windows 7, then use HJSplit version 3.0 to be used in win7

HJSplit applications can be downloaded at supporting applications menu   

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