B't X & B't X Neo

Episodes:  39/Complete
Genres: Action • Adventure • Sci-Fi
Duration: 25 min. per episode
Type: MKV File
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Size: 60 Mb/Episode

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This manga tells the story of Mecha (a more modern term for robots) called B'T. A B't (pronounced "beat") is a kind of artificial intelligence mechanoid designed to fight on B't-B stands for Blood (blood), Brain (brain), and the Bravery (courage). Plus one more that is battler (fighter). They are made in various forms and levels of strength, which is usually inspired by creatures of legend. B't power source comes from a device called BreakHeart, which must be filled by human blood. B't and people who donate blood to the BreakHeart will be bound to one another, all his life. But the weirdness happens when B'T is no longer controlled by humans alone, but also by his own will.
The main character of this story is Teppei ("Tepp") Takamiya, a farmer from Kamui Islands, in northern Japan. Several years earlier, Tepp parted ways with his brother, Kotaru Takamiya, who went to study the science of robots in Germany and became one of the most brilliant scientists in the world.
Five years later, both sisters are reunited in a robot convention in town Mechatopia, China, where Kotaru announced about his new breakthrough in artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence). Convention was disrupted by the presence Machine Empire forces who abducted Kotaru and took him to a place called "The Area", a hidden place in the Gobi Desert.
With the help of his weapon by the name of Messiah Fist, Teppei pursue the kidnappers. On his way, he was attacked by Metalface, one of the imperial army. Teppei lose, he was wounded and thrown into landfills. At the shelter, his blood streamed down BreakHeart X-an ever B't B't recognized as the strongest in the empire, which then raises it. X resurgent rescue Teppei by bringing it to fly from that place.
Temporarily, in the Arena, Kotaru discovered that he was "summoned" by Major Aramis, an Empire army, to find ways to stop the Raffaello (ラファエロ), a dangerous B't growing without control.
Along with the development of the story, the X and Teppei make lasting friendships at first although both are difficult to converge, because Teppei is not the original donor for X.

B't X Neo

* Episode 1   : "The Four Knights vs The Evil Knights"
* Episode 2   : "The Land of Love and Hate"
* Episode 3   : "Burning Red Flame!"
* Episode 4   : "Miracles of the Blood"
* Episode 5   : "Fear Of the Illusions"
* Episode 6   : "A Streak of Light"
* Episode 7   : "More Light"
* Episode 8   : "Confessions of a Mask"
* Episode 9   : "Blood Bonds"
* Episode 10 : "The Liar of the Beast"
* Episode 11 : "Search for a Lost Era"
* Episode 12 : "One for All !"
* Episode 13 : "Memories of the Future !"
* Episode 14 : "A Piece of the Sun !"

B't X

* 01 : "Miracle! The Revival of B'tX!"
* 02 : "Rebirth! The Sun Battler"
* 03 : "Confrontation! The Machine Empire"
* 04 : "Appearance! The Legendary Spirit Knight"
* 05 : "Departure! Desperate Battle Road"
* 06 : "Fear! The Watch Man,Pirate in the Desert"
* 07 : "Frightening! The Mystery of the Machine Empire"
* 08 : "Magnificient ! The Dazzling Soldier,Kamuira"
* 09 : "Fear ! Evil Flower"
* 10 : "Chase ! Metal Face CounterAttacks"
* 11 : "Invincible ! Spirit General of the East , Ron"
* 12 : "Formidable Enemy ! The Warrior , Kaos"
* 13 : "Buddy! The Bond of a Passionate Soul"
* 14 : "Tragic! Maria Who Lives in the Graveyard"
* 15 : "Blast ! Message to the Reaper"
* 16 : "Revived ! The Prism of Aura"
* 17 : "Appear ! Shadow X!
* 18 : "The Dark ! Fear of the Underhell"
* 19 : "esperate ! X's Death"
* 20 : "Life ! Break Heart"
* 21 : "Reborn ! The Neo B't X"
* 22 : "Seven Evil Knights"
* 23 : "Flash of Light ! Shining Knuckle!"
* 24 : "Burn ! A Piece of Sun"
* 25 : "Raphael !"

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